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Beards: Legends of the Fall

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Beards: Legends of the Fall and How To Care for Your Manly Mane

Beards need extra love with the Fall season approaching rapidly.  With Fall’s cooler days and nights, it’s time to take extra care of that beautiful beard you’re sporting.

  1. Longer beards are a lot like longer hair. The common misconception is that long hair and long beards don’t require upkeep. Your beard should complement your face, and that can mean different things for different guys. As your beard grows bushier, some trimming on the sides can give your furry mug a much more flattering shape and can keep you from looking lazy or sloppy.
  2. Everyone’s facial hair grows differently, but if you have whiskers growing down your neck, it’s safe to say these should be kept shaven. It’s advisable to keep your neck smooth, and a great general rule of thumb is to keep your beard trimmed starting where your jaw meets your neck. (unless you are growing it long and out, but regular maintenance is advised) Again, feel free to migrate one way or another for personal preference, but this general guide should keep you looking great.
  3. Treat your beard right. When you wash your hair, wash your beard. The Famous Beard Oil Company offers two different kinds of Beard Wash for you to choose from. Using beard oil is a must if you plan to let your face fuzz growing longer than clipper length. It will keep your beard soft and healthy during the cooler fall and winter months. Any significant other will be the first to tell you, brittle beards are the worst. So if you want your follicles to flourish, try nourishing it with some of our famous beard oils.
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taking good care of your beard is a way of life.

Beyond these basic pointers, the greatest thing about your beard is that it is unique from any other. With a little perseverance through the dreaded awkward and itchy weeks, (beard oil will stop the itch!) you’ll come out on the other end a manlier version of yourself. If you have your own tricks and tips for caring for your crumb catcher, feel free to post them in the comments section. Good luck this fall, and don’t forget to believe in your beard!

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