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“Your Beard Deserves This!”

The Famous Beard Oil Company our storyAt The Famous Beard Oil Company, our goal is to bring you a full range of men’s lifestyle products with the focus of improving your overall quality of life.  Although this begins with grooming, our vision is far greater.

As a leading company, The Famous Beard Oil Company takes pride in offering some of the best mixtures in beard care product on the market. We intend to provide our customers and clients with a quality product with a classic look and a modern feel. With the main focus on craftsmanship, The Famous Beard Oil Company’s product line will not stay on your shelves for very long!

With our line of all natural beard care products, you’ll ensure that your beard and skin are properly nourished and cared for with the greatest beard company ideology, beard care products and a perfect fit for you and your beard.

It is in our nature to care about what you want and need in beard care.


The Famous Beard Oil Company is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado with the greatest details for quality and craftsmanship.  Bottled, labeled and mixed with good old-fashioned elbow grease, no machines what so ever!  Our prized Beard Oils are on the money and the highlight of our profession.  Researched and studied by a Certified Aromachologist, and Skin Care Specialist, all 13 of our Beard Oils are specifically designed for fine to coarse beard hair and the special needs to care for the skin underneath your beard for optimal growth. 

All of our premium Beard Care Products use all natural carrier oils, PURE therapeutic grade essential oils, and 100% organic bases with exceptional and modish scents.  The Famous Beard Oil Company will make your beard eye-catching in all the right ways, attracting deserved attention from women and men alike!  Transforming your beard into a deluge of luscious, perfectly coiffed, thick and full mane!  We are here to make you famous, to stand out in a crowd and give you what you want and need; the very best in Beard Care.

The journey to becoming a refined beardsman is a life long commitment that our beard company is fully invested in. This is why our designs are classic, simple, timeless and  distinguished.  If you are not absolutely pleased with your experience, we will refund the full amount of your order – no questions asked.

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With a new beard care company emerging almost every day it seems, you may be asking yourself why you should go with our Famous company over another.  Products may contain different to similar ingredients, be priced competitively and for the most part achieve pretty good results.  The Famous Beard Oil Company guarentees results.  

So what should you look for in a beard care company and what are we doing to set ourselves apart?

The Famous Beard Oil Co. believes that the most important pieces are quality and craftsmanship.  Using only all natural, organic ingredients and pure therapeutic grade essential oils, which is why the bulk of our time has gone towards developing a superior unique blend of thirteen beard oils, specifically designed for fine to coarse facial hair, as well as an array of other outstanding beard care products.  Our formulas are a product of many months of meticulous research, crafting and testing as well as studying real life application in the community.  There is no cutting corners for us and we will never compromise quality and craftsmanship.  This is why every order is made my hand, not a machine.  And The Famous Beard Oil Company never uses fragrance oils in the making of our products.

The Famous Beard Oil Company is 100% made in the USA!  We get all of our all natural ingredients and supplies from, Oregon, South Carolina, Ohio and of course, Colorado!

The other key piece is customer service.  We will always provide you with unrivaled service to ensure your satisfaction by aiding the longevity and health of your beard and bring you a pleasurable shopping experience.  This begins before you even put a product in your cart and continues long after your order has been received.  Being a small company allows us to connect with customers on a deeper level and offer more dedicated service.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions at any time during the process.

We love hearing from all of you, please leave a review on your product purchases!

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