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“Your Beard Deserves This!”


The journey to becoming a refined beardsman is a life long commitment that our founder, Eric Lough is fully invested in.  As an artist, craftsman and a man who loves great style, Eric wanted something different for his beard than other companies had to offer.  After much disappointment in the availability of quality men’s products, Eric decided to launch the Famous Beard Oil Company and craft the perfect beard oils and men’s grooming products.


Our Founder and creator of our products is a fully certified Aromachologist and skin care Specialist.  Eric has studied and felt the healing powers of pure essential oils and have witnessed the confidence & openness they have brought about in others. With that in mind he set out to develop a superior, unique blend of twelve beard oils, specifically designed for fine to coarse facial hair, as well as an array of other outstanding beard care products.


All of the Famous Beard Oil Company’s premium Beard Care Products use all natural carrier oils, pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and 100% organic bases with exceptional and modish scents. Our formulas are a product of many years of meticulous research, crafting and testing as well as studying real life application in the community.

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Eric has teamed up with Anthony Jacobs, a fellow beardsman and entrepreneur with a vision to create a sustainable company and a similar interest in creating better beard products for the modern man.  We strive for excellence, from the creation of our oils, to the fulfillment of our orders.  We are here to listen to our customers and provide them with the absolute famous treatment that they are worthy of.

made in the USA the famous beard oil company

made in the USA the famous beard oil company


Famous Beard Oil isn’t mass produced in a factory with artificial ingredients, fragrances & chemicals. Every bottle is handcrafted with good old-fashioned elbow grease, in Denver, Colorado with the greatest details for quality and craftsmanship.

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As an artist, Eric wants the Famous Beard Oil Company to reflect his life and the things that he loves, which is presented in the beard oils themselves as well as their names and descriptions. This is why our designs are classic, simple, timeless and  distinguished.


Your Beard is already FAMOUS- We help you keep it that way!

The Famous Beard Oil Company will make your beard eye-catching in all the right ways, attracting deserved attention from women and men alike! Our unique fusion of natural carrier oils & pure therapeutic grade essential oils will transform your beard into a deluge of luscious, perfectly coiffed bristles & help you achieve the thick and full mane you deserve!


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There is no cutting corners for us and we will never compromise quality and craftsmanship.  This is why every order is made my hand, not a machine. If you are not absolutely pleased with your experience, we will refund the full amount of your order – no questions asked.  Our reviews speak for themselves!

 Being a small company allows us to connect with customers on a deeper level and offer more dedicated service. Feel free to contact us if you have questions at any time during the process.

We love hearing from all of you, please leave a review on your product purchases!If you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you, or just want to drop a line, you can reach us on our Contact Form.

Eric D. Lough and the Famous Beard Oil Team