Rugged Outlaw Beard Oil


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Smells like smoked hickory, burnt embers, warm and earthy.

Safflower oil, Hempseed oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, Birch Tar, Ginger, Fir Needle

Rugged Outlaw beard oil will take you to the time of outdoor living, campfires, surviving among the western frontier and ready for the action in the wild west!  With this very unique beard oil and its premium ingredients, you’ll be running the towns in no time.  Rugged Outlaw is sure to satisfy any beardsman who enjoys the great wide open, Birch Tar is one of the main essential oils used in this outstanding beard oil and gives it that rustic aroma.  With over a month of perfecting this very unique and well crafted beard oil, The Famous Beard Oil Company is positive this will become one of the best beard oils if not the only one you will ever want!  So hoist your saddle and load your six shooter because your beard is about to be feared and envied by all!

Wanted:  Rugged Outlaw

  • medium-high shine
  • medium-high scent (strong )
  • non comedogenic ( will not clog pores )


Rugged Outlaw. The best your beard deserves!

Rugged Outlaw Beard Oil will give your beard sanctuary on the trail stretching across the wild frontier!  It will make you feel like your playing cards with Wild Bill, or riding along with Butch & Sundance!  Rugged Outlaw beard oil is loaded with virility and thrill, and is sure to be one of the best things to happen to your beard since you decided to grow it.

With over a month of research in crafting this one-of-a-kind beard oil, The Famous Beard Oil Company is confident it will be written in your survival guide!

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