Capone Shave Oil



Well-moisturized and supple skin does not cut or become irritated as easily as dry skin. Our famous Capone pre-shave oil is crafted to give your skin an added layer of protection prior to apply a shaving soap or cream lather.  The smell of respect and Cuban cigars linger on your face for this one-of-a-kind shave oil!

Carrier Oils:  Castor oil is a very effective ingredient for softening the beard, so that it can be easily shaved away without tugging at the hair follicles.  Castor oil also moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft and free from dryness or irritation.  Olive oil isn’t just good for the health of your heart; it also offers fantastic benefits for your skin. Olive oil is highly moisturizing, and also has surfactant properties, which means it helps the pre-shave oil to cling to your face, providing much-needed lubrication as you slide the razor over your cheeks and chin.  Jojoba oil softens dry and irritating spots and restores the skin to a balanced condition. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation caused by skin dryness.

Capone Shave Oil Ingredients: Castor, Olive Pomace, Jojoba, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Blue Cypress, Peru Balsam


Capone shave oil formulated with the ultra healing essential oils of Vetiver, Cedarwood, Peru Balsam and Blue Cypress by The Famous Beard Oil Company, is crafted to moisturize the skin and protect your skin from razor burn or irritation.  Using a pre-shave oil as part of your preparation for shaving is an important step in reducing the risk of razor bumps.  The oil protects the skin and eases the shaving process, allowing you to shave comfortably every time.  The invigorating and warm smoke scent of Capone has stood the test of time and is a favorite in the long line of distinguished gentlemen.  Capone Shave Oil oil is wonderful for healing nicks and cuts that may happen when shaving.  You should apply pre-shave oil before shaving to enjoy all its benefits. First, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water to open up the pores and clean away everyday dirt from the skin. You then need to put just a few drops of pre-shave oil onto your palms and gently massage the oil into your face. Give the oil at least a minute to soak into the hair follicles, softening the beard in preparation for an easy shave. Finally, lather up and shave as you usually would, using a high-quality, sharp-edged razor.

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