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Beard Trends for 2018–A New Year, A New Beard

beard trends and styles The Famous Beard Oil Company

With the beginning of 2018 right around the corner, The Famous Beard Oil Company has some wonderful tips for maintaining that glorious beard of yours!  Whether your beard style of choice is short or a full, well maintained face mane, we have you covered in caring for that awesome manliness escaping your face!

The Stubble, The Short Beard, The Beardstache and The Full Beard are all awesome beard trends for the upcoming year.  As always, no matter what style beard or length, the one key to maintaining healthy facial hair and the skin underneath is Beard Oil.  You can never, ever, have enough beard oil.  Use it, abuse it, moisturize your facial hair!  Whether you’re a facial hair aficionado who fancies a change of style or are currently clean-shaven and need a beard-growing battle plan, here’s are the best beard styles to suit both your face and your personality.

The Stubble:  requires minimal maintenance.  Beard Oil, Beard Washstubble beard The Famous Beard Oil Company


The Short Beard:  requires medium maintenance.  Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Mild Trimmingshort beard The Famous Beard Oil Company

Whatever beard style you choose to grow, the key is to keep it healthy and well maintained.  The Famous Beard Oil Company has over 13 organic Beard Oils to choose from, with each having their own unique scent.  We also offer 5 highly rated organic Beard Washes, specifically crafted for your manly face.  Don’t you think it’s time you got famous?!


The Beardstache:  requires medium/high maintenance.  Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Mild Trimming, Beard Wax/Balm, Brushingbeardstache The Famous Beard Oil Company

The Full Beard:  requires full/high maintenance:  Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Careful Trimming & Shaping, Beard Beard Wax/Balm, Brushingfull beard the famous beard oil company

All things point towards the fact that these 4 beard styles will make a huge comeback in 2018. Choose the one you like most, depending on how fast your facial hair grows and how much time you’re willing to invest in it.  A Beard is a lifestyle.  Love it. Grow it.

If you’re happy with the beard you have now, though, you shouldn’t change its style just because its “trendy”. You might not be happy with the end result. If you’re about to grow your first beard, then consider growing any of the aforementioned four.  If you have any questions about grooming or growing your beard, contact us here at The Famous Beard Oil Company!  We will aid in helping you in anyway we can.  “Your Beard Deserves This!”

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