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Interview: The Give Voice Project

interview The Famous Beard Oil Company gives voice blog

The Give Voice Project Interview:

A Platform Where Everyday People Can Share Their Story

interview The Famous Beard Oil Company photography by Jennifer Marez

The Famous Beard Oil Company
photography by Jennifer Marez

Interview with the founder & craftsman of The Famous Beard Oil Company.  The mission of The Give Voice Project is to showcase the voices of everyday people just, well, doing their thing.  Whether it’s working, spending time with friends and family, or immersing themselves into the things they are most passionate about.  The Project aims to capture the essence of what keeps people moving along- what is it that drives them to push through each and every day?  Do they have a certain mindset or philosophy that motivates them? What do they stumble over?  The Famous Beard Oil Company’s founder & craftsman, Eric D. Lough, had the opportunity to share his voice in this interview about his artistry, passions and Beard Company on this awesome project started by Diane M. Ross, Psychologist & Journalist.

Click the link below to listen to the interview now and get inspired!

Founder & Craftsman Eric D. Lough, Gives His Voice

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