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How to Speed Up Beard Growth-Beard Oil

how to speed up beard growth with beard oil The Famous Beard Oil Company Denver Colorado

How to Speed Up Beard Growth with Beard Oil

Problems Growing a Beard?

Beard Growth problems?  The Famous Beard Oil Company is here for you!  In today’s world, the bearded look is gaining acceptance like never before. While the bearded look used to be equated with the rough and tough and unrefined outdoorsman, today you can even find Fortune 500 CEOs sporting the bearded look. Unfortunately, not all men have the ability to grow a great looking beard.


If genetics is keeping you from growing a great looking beard, you don’t have to simply settle for the clean-shaven look. There are a number of products on the market to help stimulate beard growth so that you can grow a full, well-proportioned beard that you can then style any way you choose.

What Is Beard Oil?

For many men, the idea of putting any type of oil on your facial hair might not sound very appealing. ( depending on how you use it ), the image of a messy, greasy, and unkempt beard doesn’t exactly evoke the impression of an attractive and mature appearance that many men hope a beard will offer them.

The Famous Beard Oil Company’s quality beard oils, however, will have the exact opposite effect on your facial hair and the skin underneath.

Growing a beard often is an uncomfortable experience. If you have a gone a day or two without shaving, you know how the itchiness that the 5 o’clock shadow can cause.

beardsman's entourage beard oil the famous beard oil company

beardsman’s entourage beard oil the famous beard oil company

Beard oil is a great way to keep your facial hair and your skin moisturized so as to avoid any sort of itch. Most beard oils also come with a number of different vitamins and natural, herbal-infused oils that offer other benefits to your growing mane.

Beard oil has been around since the time of the ancient Romans when Augustus Caesar and the like used to lather up their whiskers with a healthy dose of olive oil pomace . While that primitive beard oil might not be the choice for today’s bearded men, the principle of helping to keep a beard easy to manage and non-itchy has been around for several thousand years.

How to Use Beard Oil to Stimulate Beard Growth?

Besides keeping away that uncomfortable itch associated with growing out a beard, beard oil products are also a great way to help stimulate the growth of your beard. There is no magic potion that will magically make hair start to grow. However, certain beard oils do offer quality ingredients that will help create the optimum conditions to stimulate the growth of facial hair.

Unrefined Jojoba oil and Argan oil are two natural ingredients that are great for men who are having a hard time getting their facial hair to fill in evenly. These two natural products are fantastic moisturizers and will help to keep your skin smooth. Also, they have exfoliating properties which will help to remove the dead skin cells which might be impeding the growth of hair follicles on your face.

Many beard oil products also include Vitamin E, (some carrier oils include this Vitamin) which, of the 13 known vitamins, is the absolute best for hair health. You have probably seen Vitamin E as one of the main ingredients in the average hair care products, and for good reason. Beard oils that contain supplements of Vitamin E will help to keep your facial hair healthy as it grows out. Healthy facial hair will grow much faster and fuller than beards that are damaged and uncared for.

What to Look for in the Best Beard Oil Products?

As mentioned above, it is important to find a beard oil that contains Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E as some of the main ingredients. Beard oils that are based on natural, organic oils and ingredients are almost always better for your skin and beard than products with synthetic ingredients with a lot of hard to pronounce names on the ingredient list.

If you can’t find products with Argan or Jojoba oils, Grapeseed oil, Castor oil, Pumpkin seed, Safflower, Hempseed, Almond oil and (like the ancient Romans), Olive oil pomace are good substitutes.

Also, it is important to find a beard oil product with a scent that you enjoy. Since the beard oil will be near your nose, you will most likely be smelling it all day long, so it is important to find a product that is pleasant to you.

Deduction: Why Beard Oil Is a Great Option to Help You Get a Great Looking Beard

If you have been unsuccessfully trying to grow out a beard for several years, it might be time to try out a beard oil product. Even if you have thin and uneven facial hair growth, beard oils will work wonders on your facial skin and might help to create the conditions to promote a faster and fuller beard growth.

Whichever beard oil product you choose, make sure that it comes with a healthy dose of vitamin E and other organic, natural oils. You might find that within a couple of weeks of using your beard oil product, a fuller beard is beginning to take shape.

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